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10. The Creekside Strays


The power of three makes the list with a powerful crunching sound even when The Creekside Strays are unplugged.

Singer and guitarist James Vinyard, bassist Nic Cavaliere and drummer Justin Shorey can jamband it up all night long. For their 2014 album, Blacklisted, they’ve come up with songs to recount all manner of free-spirited and daring misadventures.

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The Londoner

New Music from The Creekside Strays out Jan. 9

London indie rockers The Creekside Strays are pulling the plug on half of their debut full-length album.

The traditionally loud “rock ‘n’ soul” trio has decided to add an acoustic component to their first full-length effort, splitting the upcoming 12-track release in two with six unplugged tunes.

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Scene Magazine

Strays Release Blacklisted

By their own admission, Creekside Stays’ -- Jeremy James Vinyard (vocals/guitar), Nic Cavaliere (bass), and Justin Shorey (drums/percussion) -- new album, Blacklisted, has a bit of a ‘split personality.’ “The fi rst half of the album (side A) was recorded at The Vault by Jimi James. It is the full-band, electric side of the album showcasing our more ‘grunge-funk’ sound.

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London Free Press

London indie rockers The Creekside Strays are unplugged on half their debut full-length album — and that goes for Friday’s launch show at the Shire.

“We haven’t thrown a release party in a very long time,” drummer Justin Shorey said on Facebook this month. “This will be our first ever, for a full album . . . We’re going to play acoustic and electric sets.”

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I Can't Believe My Earz

It has been long time since The Creekside Strays released an album. Almost 2 years. After listening to their January, 2015 release, ‘Blacklisted‘, it was worth the wait. Which ever one of the Strays came up with the idea to release an album with an acoustic side, I am eternally grateful. Brilliant idea.

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A New Atlantis

Matter of Time: The Creekside Strays On The Rise

Written by Matt Dusenbury - May 23, 2013

With all the ways a band can show off its music in 2013, Justin Shorey is still doing it the old fashioned way. In front of an old laptop he sits, anxiously burning copies of The Creekside Strays’ latest album onto once-blank compact discs. The 25-year-old’s Saturday afternoon labour is tedious, but not without its rhythm for the drummer. The CD goes in, the laptop whirs, and a few mouse clicks later the newly minted record is ready for the ears of another adoring listener. Eject. Repeat.

“I’ve been trying to keep myself as distracted as possible, so I’m going for a walk (with friends) in a little bit. A little walk in the woods,” said Shorey. “I’m going to stress all day if I don’t.”

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I Can't Believe My Ears - Music Blog

The Creekside Strays Have Found A Home

Written by Bobby Gottesman - Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In a time when most music seems generic and derivative, the London, Ontario band The Creekside Strays have carved out a niche for themselves. This trio has compiled a significant catalogue of music in a short time, and have just released their third EP, simply titled The Creekside Strays. This Indie band has been slugging it out in the bar scene honing their craft and developing their songwriting for the past three years. The result is a product that showcases both their songs and musicianship. A blend of alternative rock, soul and pop has given The Strays a unique sound and a large, local following.

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Creekside Strays debut EP

Written by John Sharpe - Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hot on the heels of their sophomore EP, Honour Amongst Thieves, The Creekside Strays -- James Vinyard (guitar/vocals), Nic Cavaliere (bass) and Justin Shorey (drums) – are set to release a new, self-titled EP. “The EP was recorded at The Vault Recording Studio here in London. There are six new tracks on the EP which are all originals. We’re a songwriting band and are unbelievably proud of these songs and how well they were recorded. The EP has a more well-rounded sound than the previous two EP’s we recorded and it gives a better picture of the type of band we are by showing the range of things we do which includes elements of soul, rock and roll, and funk,” said Vinyard.

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Strays Releasing Third EP

Written by Chris Montanini - Wednesday, May 8, 2013

London “rock ‘n soul” trio The Creekside Strays will release a new self-titled EP at Call The Office May 11 — their third album in as many years.

The new six-track effort follows up a couple of shorter EPs — 2012’s Honour Amongst Thieves and 2011’s Tiger Waltz. While the band hasn’t changed their brand of eclectic, funk and soul-infused rock, the new recordings have a polish that their previous two EPs lacked.

“I think you can listen to this six-song EP and have a good, solid idea of what we do musically,” said guitarist and lead singer Jeremy Vinyard. “It touches on all the things we do, from harder stuff to funkier soul stuff to some slower stuff. We wanted (the EP) to be accessible (and) to be really good in all forms, whether it’s recorded, live or (in a music video), while keeping that originality we go for.”

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"It's On" - video featurette

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Smokin' Sounds

Written by James Reaney, Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

We won't rib you - some of the hottest cooking at Victoria Park over the next five days isn't found at a smoker. It'll be on the stages:

The Creekside Strays

Cooking time: Mill St. stage, Thursday, 6 p.m., Saturday, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., Monday, 2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Backburner: Former St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic secondary-school students James Vinyard (singer and guitarist) and bassist Nic Cavaliere have been friends since meeting as kids at Notre Dame Catholic elementary school. Kincardine-born and Port Elgin-raised Justin Shorey is a Fanshawe music industry arts (MIA) program participant.

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The Creekside Strays coming to Port Elgin

Written by Tiffany Wilson - Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The London rock and soul trio, The Creekside Strays, will be serenading The Wismer House Friday night for their third time. Vocalist and guitarist, James Vinyard, bass player, Nic Cavaliere and Port Elgin native and drummer, Justin Shorey will start the show with an acoustic set, followed by 3 sets of 10 songs.

Playing in his hometown, Shorey said, “I am extremely excited. This is actually my favourite gig to play.” He said, Friday night “(is an) opportunity to play for a lot of people that were around when I was growing up in Port Elgin. “It’s a chance to showcase a bit about what I have been doing because there hasn’t been many people who have been exposed to it.”

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London Indie Underground Featurette

Featuring The Creekside Strays as the indie spotlight band and co-hosts!
Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012.

myFM Radio Featurette


It's an honour: Creekside Strays set to release EP

Written by Amanda Grant - Thursday, May 3, 2012

I personally loved being in a studio,” says James Vinyard, front man of local band The Creekside Strays. “Being in a studio is like going to Disneyland for us. It just reaffirms how much you love making music.”

Lucky for Vinyard, he’s been able to spend one day a week over the past two months in the studio perfecting the band’s latest EP, Honour Amongst Thieves. The band will celebrate the release of the EP Friday night at APK Live, headlining a packed local bill.

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Creekside Strays Release New Music

Written by Chris Montanini - Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Local rockers The Creekside Strays are releasing their second EP “Honour Amongst Thieves” May 4 at APK Live.

The four-track CD, recorded here in the Forest City, is another glimpse into the developing London band’s style. It follows up “Tiger Waltz,” released last July, and offers a more edgy soundtrack compared to their first EP.

“It builds on the four songs we released before,” said guitarist and lead singer James Vinyard. “It’s not like it’s completely different but it gives a broader picture of the different stuff we like to do.”

“Every time you take out a four song slice you’re only getting a piece of all the different stuff we do,” added bassist Nic Cavaliere. “We left out doing some of our blues/rock stuff, but you’re getting a bit of the heavier stuff, some of the funk stuff, some of the jazz stuff.”

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INTERROBANG - Fanshawe College Newspaper

My 15 Minutes With... The Creekside Strays poised to release new CD

Written by Taylor Marshall - Friday, April 6, 2012

It’s been a little over a month since I last talked to the guys of The Creekside Strays – James Vinyard, guitarist and vocalist; Nic Cavaliere, bassist; and Justin Shorey, drummer. Since then, they have been playing shows around town while also working hard at putting together their new album. I got the chance to catch up with Shorey about three weeks ago to follow up on what’s new with the band and how things are going with the new EP.

Can you tell me what you guys have been up to since we last spoke?
“We have been playing a bunch of shows – almost twice a week between London and Toronto. We have played at places like The Horseshoe, The Silver Dollar. Then over the last two or three months we have been going in on Sundays to record our new EP, which we are calling Honour Amongst Thieves. We have been doing all of the recording and now we are just in the process of making all of the adjustments to our master tracks and also putting the final touches the artwork so we can have that all together for May 4, which is the CD release party at APK.”

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CD Reviews - The Creekside Strays - Tiger Waltz

Written by John Sharpe - February 2 - 15, 2012 Edition 659

Recorded at Soundworks Studios OIART by Mark McDonald, The Creekside Strays' new four-track EP, Tiger Waltz is a fine showcase for the talents of guitarist/vocalist James Vinyard, bassist Nic Cavaliere and drummer Justin Shorey. With it's gritty guitar riffs and catchy hook the EP-opener, 'I've Done Wrong' is a good choice for the band's first single. The pace slows a bit with 'Doc Can Ya Help Her,' a track that features Vinyard's passionate and emotive vocals. 'Shaky' features the group's underlying funk influences, while the closing track, 'This Ain't a Question' is built around Cavaliere's walking bass line. Although it's not listed on the EP jacket, Tiger Waltz ends with a short "hidden" track consisting of some mellow guitar sounds. Tiger Waltz provides a solid base for future growth.
Performance: B+/Production B+.

INTERROBANG - Fanshawe College Newspaper

My 15 Minutes With... The Creekside Strays on the rise 

Written by Taylor Marshall - Monday, January 3, 2012

The Creekside Strays are a Southwestern Ontario band whose star is quickly on the rise. James Vinyard, guitarist and vocalist; Nic Cavaliere, bassist; and Justin Shorey, drummer, all grew up in and around London. Their singles are being played on London-based radio station FM96 and throughout Canada on CBC Radio. The band played at the Out Back Shack on January 20, but I had the chance to talk to Vinyard a few weeks before the show to get his opinions and to talk about what is next for him and the rest of the band:

It's said that songwriting is very important to you guys. Can you describe your songwriting process?
"It takes a variety of forms. Sometimes we can just jam out and come up with stuff, sometimes someone will just bring an idea in and we will work with it that way. It starts and then branches off from there. Then we just keep kicking it around the room until it's gotten to a point where we think it's really cool and feel it's something we like and would listen to ourselves. It really becomes a band effort as opposed to an individual effort, like, all three of us really get our teeth in there and try to get our ideas and give way to whatever is going to be the best idea. It's a very collaborative effort. Then, once the music is done, I'll throw in some lyrics and will just play with those and just keep on playing with it until it's done."

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Interview for More Sound Less Noise Blog


These Strays at home in city - Reany's Pick

Written by James Reaney - Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011

After many gigs when its members were in five-piece outfits, a London rock and roll trio is finding room to move.

"There's a lot of space. There's a lot of room for different stuff," singer and guitarist James Vinyard said Tuesday of the Creekside Strays, a three-piece band formed about six months ago.

Vinyard, bassist Nic Cavaliere and drummer Justin Shorey are heard playing an unplugged version of their tune Freddie and Me in this week's Reaney's Pick video.

Former St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic secondary school students Vinyard and Cavaliere, both 25 and born in London, have been friends since meeting as kids at Notre Dame Catholic elementary school. Kincardine-born and Port Elgin-raised Shorey, 23, is a Fanshawe music industry arts (MIA) program participant.

Vinyard and Shorey met when the singer and guitarist was doing a solo gig at Friday Knight Lights. Shorey was impressed and kept working to see Vinyard had other chances to share the stage with the drummer's band.

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CHRW Radio Interview


Some Funking Soul with The Creekside Strays

Written by Mika Ilic - Sept. 23, 2011

A hard drum beat, some fast fingers on the bass, a moaning guitar and an emotive voice are what The Creekside Strays are all about. Anyone who came out and saw them play the Bombshelter on Sept. 20 would have found that out easily.

The Creekside Strays are from London, Ontario and are relatively new as a band, but not new to music and its splendours.

James Vinyard, guitarist and vocalist, has been playing with bassist Nic Cavaliere for a long time, having met in the first grade. Drummer Justin Shorey was put in almost six months ago, but had been good friends with Vinyard for awhile. However, all three have at least a decade of experience playing music.

This experience is evident in their music and live shows as it illustrates how great they all are as musicians.

Having just released their first EP, Tiger Waltz, the band have been touring around southern Ontario. Rightly so because their stuff is good.

The band has some old school influences, like The Beatles, Steely Dan and Pearl Jam, and some underlying funk. With the added spice of a unique modern sound, you can’t help but rock out.

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The Creekside Strays leave habitat to play the Spoke
Trio dedicate musical talents to the blues, funk, and soul aspects of rock

Written by Jesica Hurst - Sept. 23, 2011

Some things are inevitable, and the coming together of London funk-rock trio The Creekside Strays is nothing short of that.

They’ve known each other since the tender age of six and have played in local bands throughout their teens, James Vinyard (guitar/vocals) and Nic Cavliere (bass) wanted to take their music to the next level. They recruited drummer Justin Shorey to become a member.

The Creekside Strays’ sound is surprisingly well polished as they only formed six months ago. They were able to start things out fairly quickly and hope they can keep the momentum going.

“We’re really just trying to play all around Southern Ontario so we can expand—we want to work as hard as we can,” he explains. “What we’re thinking of doing right now is continuing to release these four song EPs.”

Their latest EP, Tiger Waltz, showcases their obvious instrumental talent and dedication to the blues, funk and soul aspects of rock music.

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Their Winding Story
The Creekside Strays’ gritty sound reminiscent of classic rock anthems Show this Friday 

Written by Amanda Grant - Thursday, July 28, 2011

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months for local band The Creekside Strays. The group, made up of front man James Vinyard, bassist Nic Cavaliere and, the newest addition, drummer Justin Shorey, formed in March.

Only three weeks later The Creekside Strays were in the studio, working with Mark MacDonald at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology to create a four song EP.

“When I got the call to come play with James and Nic they had already been working together for years and years,” says Shorey. “They have a huge back catalogue of songs they have been writing.”

The band plans to keep learning and recording material in four song sets, building their repertoire for live shows and working toward a full-length album. 

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Creekside Strays do the Tiger Waltz

Written by Chris Montanini - Thursday, July 14, 2011

There was a quick transition for the Creekside Strays between finding a new drummer and recording their first EP, "Tiger Waltz."

With studio time already booked at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, it wasn't the best time to be looking for new members, but Justin Shorey was more than happy to fill the gap on drums, even if he only had three weeks to do it.

A self-described fan of Creekside front man James Vinyard — who did some solo work recently prior to forming The Creekside Strays along with guitarist turned bassist Nic Cavaliere — Shorey said he was "absolutely stoked" to get in on the project.

"The stars aligned, it's a pretty romantic story, actually," said Shorey, 23. "These guys were really cool about me doing my own thing."

"It felt real," added Vinyard, 25. "It felt perfect and I think we've still been riding that energy."

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The Creekside Strays Release "Tiger Waltz"

Published July 18, 2011

The Creekside Strays have released a new EP called the " Tiger Waltz ". Hit Songs featured on the record are " I've Done Wrong " and Priscilla, available for free download at .

The Strays fusion of Alternative Rock, Funk and Soul contains the wild abandon of The Black Crowes, the mystic attitude of The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the wandering Spirit of Pearl Jam.

Currently this Canadian act will be playing Ontario Clubs and Campuses with their EP Release Parties and doing a September Frosh Week Tour, followed by frequent mini tours in North American markets. A behind the scenes documentary is in the works.

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Creekside Strays Celebrate

Published: July 14 - July 27, 2011 Edition

Relative newcomers on the London music scene, The Creekside Strays -- Nic Cavaliere (bass), Justin Shorey (drums) and James Vinyard (guitar/vocals) - will celebrate the release of their second EP, The Tiger Waltz on Friday, July 29 at the Black Shire Pub (511 Talbot St.). They will be joined by special guests, Calvin James and Mark Kulmala. "Having met through London's music scene, when the opportunity presented itself, The Creekside Strays held their first practice in late March of 2011, then immediately went into the studio at Sound Works Studios at The Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (in London) with Engineer and Professor Mark McDonald. Since then we've been hitting the very same London scene as hard as possible rehearsing, performing, promoting, filming, and finishing up Tiger Waltz," said Cavaliere. The members of Creekside Strays are all veterans of the London music scene who have worked with various bands in the city. Cavaliere describes the sound of their new outfit as "funky, bluesy, character based, story-telling classic rock channelled through a power trio." For more info, phone (519) 433-7737.
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