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10. The Creekside Strays


The power of three makes the list with a powerful crunching sound even when The Creekside Strays are unplugged.

Singer and guitarist James Vinyard, bassist Nic Cavaliere and drummer Justin Shorey can jamband it up all night long. For their 2014 album, Blacklisted, they’ve come up with songs to recount all manner of free-spirited and daring misadventures.

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The Londoner

New Music from The Creekside Strays out Jan. 9

London indie rockers The Creekside Strays are pulling the plug on half of their debut full-length album.

The traditionally loud “rock ‘n’ soul” trio has decided to add an acoustic component to their first full-length effort, splitting the upcoming 12-track release in two with six unplugged tunes.

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Scene Magazine

Strays Release Blacklisted

By their own admission, Creekside Stays’ -- Jeremy James Vinyard (vocals/guitar), Nic Cavaliere (bass), and Justin Shorey (drums/percussion) -- new album, Blacklisted, has a bit of a ‘split personality.’ “The fi rst half of the album (side A) was recorded at The Vault by Jimi James. It is the full-band, electric side of the album showcasing our more ‘grunge-funk’ sound.

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London Free Press

London indie rockers The Creekside Strays are unplugged on half their debut full-length album — and that goes for Friday’s launch show at the Shire.

“We haven’t thrown a release party in a very long time,” drummer Justin Shorey said on Facebook this month. “This will be our first ever, for a full album . . . We’re going to play acoustic and electric sets.”

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I Can't Believe My Earz

It has been long time since The Creekside Strays released an album. Almost 2 years. After listening to their January, 2015 release, ‘Blacklisted‘, it was worth the wait. Which ever one of the Strays came up with the idea to release an album with an acoustic side, I am eternally grateful. Brilliant idea.

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A New Atlantis

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