Band Bio

There’s a songwriting oasis that exists in a landscape of truth and harmony that was carved by the strong voices and loud guitars of the 60s and 70s; a festival fervour that took you from mellow, muddy depths to blissful, sing-along highs; a revolution and independence that captured you mind, body, and soul. The Creekside Strays are traveling that landscape in search of that elusive and exclusive oasis.

The Stray’s fusion of alternative rock n' soul contains the wandering spirit of Pearl Jam, the wild-eyed abandon of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and the mystic attitude of the Dave Matthews Band, and their songs resonate with anyone who’s familiar with the unmistakable feeling of putting needle to wax. They are making music that rekindles a return to pure, dynamic songwriting with heart and purpose, a process deeply rooted in the songwriting traditions of journeymen like Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Petty; but also possess a modern flare by dressing up their melodies and hooks with a bluesy desperation.

After the overwhelmingly successful release of their first 2 albums, "Tiger Waltz" and "Blacklisted", The Strays have now released their third full-length album entitled "Bring Back the Sugar Shack". The success garnered from their first two albums led to extensive campus radio airplay throughout Canada, songs on CBC Radio and London rock station FM96, and
much excitement and buzz within the Canadian musical community. They've opened for and played alongside great acts such as: I Mother Earth, The Headstones, Treble Charger, Bobnoxious, See Spot Run, Die Mannequin, along with many others. With "Sugar Shack", the band has pushed the envelope even further creating a 10 song collection that one takes in with a sense of comfort knowing these songs excite them now, and will the same way in 20 years. It is a modern, yet beautifully timeless album and their best effort yet. With the band's evolving, fresh sound and unforgettable live performances, one can't help but acknowledge they are becoming one of Canada's most formidable rock and roll acts.......and getting closer to that elusive and exclusive oasis.
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